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Sign Waving Mannequin

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 Use a sign spinner is a contentious way of outdoor marketing wherein a trained person stands on the corners of the streets and shows surfboard size card board signs indicating information about a particular business. Generally, these signs are sponsored through local agencies in the surrounding area of the person who is spinning the sign. On the other hand, national agencies have invested in this kind of facility in order to reach a younger demographic. Sign spinning includes a combination of acrobatics, martial arts step and baton-tossing in order to catch the attention of motorists passing. This is a good way of promoting your business, but behind this activity, there factors that need to be considered prior to venturing in this kind of advertisement.

For those who have a limited budget, choosing this kind of advertisement is just wasting their time. If the company hires the service of a full time spinner, it would cost between $2500 up to $3000 per month. Employees need to work 12 hours a day that costs $8 for every hour and 30 days a week. You are also not sure if the employee you hired is hard working or not.

With a sign spinner, you have no chance to alter your sign every time you want. Since, sign spinning is done by humans, it requires vacation and time break, which is a waste on the part of the company. You also have no control over the job and you are required to get insurance for your employees because this is a critical job. With sign spinning, you have no capability to personalize your sign and you also have no chance to customize your graphics.

In order to get rid of these nerve wracking conditions, you need to go for a sign waving mannequin. Compared to sign spinning that requires monthly compensation of about two thousand five hundred or more depending on the job, with a sign doll, you are only required to invest a small amount of the monthly compensation of a full time sign spinner.

Some people say that sign spinning is the best way to obtain the required attention of people passing by. But sooner or later,it will lose its effect. A spinner can attract many people. Yes, it is true, but there are a lot of negative things that go along with it that are not beneficial on the part of the company and the employee. With a sign waving mannequin, you will get the same attention without compromising the security of your employees.

Hiring a Sign Spinner is not a valuable way of advertising. The stunts and signs can cause car drivers to become unfocused and the sign spinner may be at risk of being bumped by a car. While sign spinning may catch the attention of passersby, the message might not register to their mind. With a sign doll, the message is shown clearly and this gets rid of any possible accidents. Advertising using a sign waving mannequin is the best way to present your business.

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